What the C-Suite Thought Leaders in Big Data & Analytics are saying about Corinium [VIDEO]

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Corinium events are different. Our extensive experience has led us to develop a new format that gives you the chance to not only hear from the leading minds in the industry, but to contribute to the critical thinking being shared.

"We all learn differently...and this format [discussion groups] let's us learn by participating. And that is the thing we will remember.  It's personal.”

We connect C-Suite executives in the Data, Analytics and Digital space and focus them into Discussion Groups where genuine progress can be made. Each group is dedicated to the topic of greatest importance to you and includes the most knowledgeable people on the subject.

After our expert Co-Chairs initiate the discussion, you are invited to offer your own experiences or questions, sparking a free-flowing and open conversation in which over 65% of the participants typically contribute.

CEP America, Georgia Tech & McGraw Hill Education explain how Corinium Discussion Groups gives a rare opportunity for senior-level executives to have the time to participate with one another in such a personal format.  Barriers are discussed and decisions are made on how to move forward, and more importantly, how to solve challenges together.’

SAP, PwC, TimeXtender &  Caserta Concept  are discussion group facilitators.  PwC and SAP lead discussion groups all around the world at Corinium C-Suite events, and continue to do so because of the value of these interaction.

What our participants had to say:

We all learn differently...and this format [discussion groups] let's us learn by participating. And that is the thing we will remember.  It's personal.”
Dipti Patel, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, CEP America

'It really takes the coming together of people like these [Attendees of the Chief Analytics Officer Fall]...to tell us, this is the problem we need to come together to solve'
John Sullivan, Director of Innovation, North America Center of Excellence, SAP

'I think the interactions here are much better than...the other conferences I have ever attend'
Oliver Halter, Partner, PwC

'The people at the Corinium events are the decision-makers and are the people that push the industry forward. If that benefits the industry, great. If that benefits us too, also great."
Romi Mahajan, Chief Commercial Officer, TimeXtender

To learn more, visit www.coriniumintelligence.com    


Great, thanks for sharing! It is so great to see events such as this popping up, helping to encourage and share innovation and ideas in the BI industry and promote collaboration and sharing in the community. There is so much rapid innovation occurring right now it is so important to make the most of it and reflect on how we can make sure this tech does the most for businesses. http://www.saltare.co.uk/

Soma Roberts said... 4 December 2016 at 23:55

Great video and fantastic comments from your notable speakers. Excellent!

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