JUST RELEASED: Chief Analytics Officer, Fall 2016 - Speaker Presentations

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The Chief Analytics Officer, Fall event brought together over 200+ Chief Analytics Officers, Data Leaders, Senior Analytics Experts and Innovators in New York on October 5-7. The three day conference was filled with networking, high level insight and discussion, addressing the hottest topics and challenges faced by CAOs and Senior Data & Analytics professionals.


Looks like a full-packed event. Love all the presentations!!

Really enjoyed this event. PwC and Sony were particular highlights for me and the stage of our data and analytics journey.

My favorite was ‘Driving Value as CAO’ by Ash. At Cognizant, we’re seeing CAO’s add value by also discovering business opportunities through data analytics, that they didn’t even know existed until they set up a centralized view of business, customer and dark data. Great time to be a leader in Analytics! Impact!

A great set of presentations on Big Data and Analytics. Most helpful and will share this with my class.

Great content!

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